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Organize a Webmaker Training for your local community. Find agendas, inspiration and tips for online and in-person trainings. #TeachTheWeb

Get Inspired

These wonderful community members ran train the trainer sessions and events to help other people learn how to #TeachTheWeb.

Mozilla Uganda

"60 newly trained Webmaker Mentors. 12 amazing Webmaker Super Mentors. 200 students taught how to participate on the web. 1 epic weekend in Kampala!" The Ugandan community's recent event was a huge success!



Mozilla and the National Citizens Service worked together to train 40 new NCS Digital Champions to use the Webmaker tools and run participatory events in preparation for Maker Party. Check out this great video!


Webmaker MOOC

Last year's Connectivist MOOC brought the community together to make and learn from one another. The Webmaker team then took what they learned, and Webmaker Training was born.


Training Days

The very first Webmaker Training event had 30+ Mozilla Reps come together in Athens, Greece to learn about Webmaker, the Making as Learning pedagogy and help shape the future of Webmaker.


Host a Training Event

These teaching kits cover the key themes and activities in Webmaker Training. You can use these free resources to organize your own training and help others teach the web in an open and participatory way.


The Exploring Making and Connected Learning Teaching Kit will help you see the pedagogies of Making as Learning and Connected Learning in action.



This Building for Participatory Learning Teaching Kit will help you codesign and build open educational resources with your local community.



The Facilitating Participatory Learning Teaching Kit will guide you in running a participatory event that helps others run participatory events!



The Connecting and Building Communities Teaching Kit will help you develop your local network and plug into the global #TeachTheWeb community.


Get help organizing

Need help organizing an event? Check out our Event Kits!

We'd love to hear how you feel about these Teaching Kits, so please share how your event went!

Host an Online Learning Experience

There are many ways to teach the web online. Here are some suggested formats. Feel free to experiment! It's often the best way to learn.

Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are easy and fun. Discuss a topic using Twitter. Level up your "Twitter Literacy" and engage people as you extend your "personal learning network".


Video Based Tutorials

Share your skills! Create relevant and engaging projects and tutorials while recording your screen, and then post them to the community for feedback and collaboration.



Choose a topic or collaborative project and just hang out, mess around and geek out! They're fun and easy. Here's a How To Event Guide!



Gather some experts and moderate a discussion using a video broadcast. Get tips on software and find examples here.