What's this all about?

We want a web that is open, accessible and ours. In order to achieve that, more of us need to understand its basic mechanics, its culture and what it means to be a citizen of the web. Webmaker Training is part of Mozilla's commitment to help educators and others teach vital web literacy skills. Everything here is 100% free, open source and powered by a global community of people like you who want to teach digital and web skills in ways that are creative, participatory and fun. #TeachTheWeb

Webmaker Training will help you:

  • Integrate the mechanics, culture and citizenship of the web into your practice.
  • Bring creativity to your teaching through open, participatory methods.
  • Connect with fellow mentors and educators (especially those in your local area) to share knowledge and resources.

How do I participate?

Your level of participation is entirely up to you. You can take part in the entire program or only choose certain modules. We hope you'll find value every step of the way. A few general ways to participate:

  • Share what you're learning and making in the Community.
  • Find your crew. Browse introductions and makes and follow 2-3 other participants who sound interesting to you during the course.
  • Tag your posts #TeachTheWeb on Twitter.
  • Talk about your learning and have deeper discussions in the course Discourse.
  • Connect and participate in real time on the #TeachTheWeb Community call, hosted every Thursday.
Remember that you're not alone-there is a global community of people who want to #TeachTheWeb, together. We're so glad you're here. If at any point you get stuck or need help, please reach out using #TeachTheWeb on Twitter or post in the Webmaker Community.

What's #TeachTheWeb?

It's our Webmaker Training! A blended-learning initiative by Mozilla, peer-powered by P2PU. The courses that make up #TeachTheWeb are free and modular. We'll run through the complete training periodically, but you can also participate at your own pace, or only take part in the modules that interest you most. Read about our first #TeachTheWeb training here.

If you're new to the Mozilla Webmaker community, here is a sample of how people are teaching the web:

What will I do here?

You'll learn how to integrate digital making and web skills into your teaching practice using collaborative, peer-to-peer methodologies. You'll engage in the community-driven methods and pedagogies that drive Webmaker by building things yourself, sharing them with others, and starting to teach the world the web.

Who else is here?

Educators from schools, libraries, afterschool programs, youth-serving organizations, technologists and any one who is passionate about learning, making, sharing their skills and advancing web literacy.